Si2 Micro Integration Line

Diminutive, simple and pure... A revolutionary line of products that brings true high-end performance in very small packages.

Less than 15 cm (5 inch) wide each, all three components can fit comfortably on top of a typical equipment shelf. But do not be fooled by their diminutive size. Each component embodies our three-dimensional circuit design know-how and construction techniques, the fruits of more than 30 years of design experience by Masataka Tsuda. Along with simplified circuitry, minimum number of components, and shortest possible signal paths, they help achieve astonishing clarity, transparency and resolution.

Made with no compromise in sound quality, they are perfect for audiophiles who enjoy desk-top audio, computer-based music systems, near-field listening and high efficiency loudspeakers.

Si2 Products


PFO Writers' Award Diploma PFO Writers' Award, 2010
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